Hey beauties, Merry Christmas! I can’t quite believe I’m writing the final blog of 2018. It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me, beginning with a new house and ending with a diamond ring… I’m certainly counting my blessings and if there’s any time of the year to do that, it’s now! We’re feeling all reflective at HQ too as we digest a roller coaster 12 months. Every year we remark on how quickly times goes but when you look back and tot up all the things that have been achieved, all of the challenges that have been faced, the number of WSd shopping bags that have been slung over shoulders, the number of minutes spent in the post office sending out orders, the number of stamps on loyalty cards and erm the number of cookies munched and glasses of Saturday fizz sipped by us WSd angels (ok, forget that one!) it all begins to make sense. I know I speak for Sarah when I say we’re all exhausted but eternally grateful. Whilst aspects of 2018 have been testing, we’re ending the year on the highest of highs and WSd is counting its blessings too-here’s our year in review…

We welcomed new brands

This year WSd has continued to joyfully support local brands- every year the number increases and we feel privileged to be able to know and share the stories behind these brands and their creators. We also celebrated the incoming of epic new brands in store, from SVP to Shoe the Bear, Disco Kids to Air & Grace and they all made quite the impression on our angels with each collection gaining sell-out status.

Established favourites like Scotch & Soda and Mos Mosh continued to steal the hearts of angels across the land, proving their merit as investment worthy brands that will set the foundations for a solid wardrobe. 

SVP Jewellery
Shoe the Bear
Sarah rocking new season Scotch

Even a flood couldn’t stop us partying

A gorgeous sunny Sunday in October turned into a damp nightmare after Sarah walked into a flooded HQ. It was heart-breaking to witness the damage to our much loved building and the beautiful stock within it and even more devastating to bear the burden of the financial loss. Yet in true WSd style, Sarah dusted herself off (literally, thanks to hundred year old walls and metaphorically) because the show had to go on, especially as WSd was fast approaching its 8th birthday. Undefeated, on Saturday 10th November we hosted an all day party to celebrate another wonderful year of the WSd lifestyle. The doors of 4 Bancroft were flung open for a fabulous all day shindig full of shopping, special events, partying and charity fundraising too. 

Card by Letterbox Lane- 8 years of the Sarah thing

We boycotted Black Friday

Indies were doing it for themselves on Black Friday and amid the email onslaught of murky discounts, WSd took a stand to promote a more thoughtful way of consuming. 

I took to the blog to showcase just some of the fabulous independent brands that are stocked by WSd and to show our support for #campaignshopindependent whilst championing our principle to shop less and invest more.

Holly Tucker’s Campaign

At some points trying to fight against the big dogs and their black Friday deals felt like an uphill battle but then Sarah received a message which changed the outlook completely. A wonderful lady called Samara got in touch to say that she was collecting donations to be given to local women’s refuges around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire to help those who have escaped from domestic abuse, seeking safe shelter, often with their children too. Sarah put together a parcel of essentials and then shared the appeal across social media encouraging others to put their money towards a worthwhile cause rather than the Black Friday madness,

Refuge Collection

“I’m not going to buy shizzle I didn’t even need just because it’s got a few quid off today (ahh but has it?) I’ve made up a bag of things we kinda take for granted & will be donating to my local Women’s refuge via the lovely Samara. If you’d like to bring a bag in, please do so. Surely a few pounds spent here goes a lot further than those you think you’re saving on a juicer you won’t use… Anything is something”.

The response was incredible. Over the coming days bags and bags…and bags of donations came through our door. The generosity we were witnessing at a time when consumerism was at its most ugly, filled our hearts (and our bijou stock room!) with joy.

That Interview

It’s been another year of media scaremongering with reports of a high street in crisis, yet at WSd we’re proud to have not only survived another year, but thrived too. We’re not purveyors of fast fashion but instead we believe in investing in a capsule wardrobe of high quality pieces that will stand the test of time.   In September I caught up with Sarah for another of our infamous interviews, this time to get the lowdown on the WSd of today and the justification behind her mantra to ‘buy less and wear more’…

The It Bag

So, here we are now! WSd HQ has been like Santa’s workshop of late with Sarah busily gift wrapping lots of beautiful gifts for angels across the land. It’s not been all candy canes and snow drops but for every challenge there’s been, something wonderful has come in tow. If we have helped customers find confidence in themselves with our styling guidance, brought smiles through gifts or made someone chuckle with a naughty Instagram post then for us, 2018 has been a success. The year may be approaching its close but before that there’s turkey a plenty to eat, presents to give and receive and buckets of love to be shared because in the words of Hugh Grant, aka the dancing Prime Minister, “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around…”

Merry Christmas beauties!

P.S we will be closed on Christmas Day &Boxing Day to enjoy time with our loved ones before reopening on 27th December.

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