In the classic Hollywood film It’s a Wonderful Life an angel is sent from heaven to show the desperately frustrated Gorge Bailey what life would have been like if he had never existed. Thanks to Clarence the angel, George starts to realise how many lives he has changed though his compassion for others. The moral of the film is straightforward…small and simple acts of kindness create light in the world. Little did George know that his random acts of kindness had such a resounding impact on others, which leads me to wonder whether a lady named Lara Quin is aware of the impact her kindness had on Jessica Seaman…

Lara Quin is the latest brand on the WSd block- a purveyor of luxury candles ‘named after one woman’s simple act of kindness’.  As founder Jessica explains, these candles aren’t just about wax and wicks, they’re about creating light in the darkness…in every sense of the phrase:

“True story….

At about 8 months pregnant and having had some devastating news, I sat crying quietly in a corner of the train station coffee shop. 

A woman, with a kind smile, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a huge cup of hot chocolate and proceeded to embrace me in a giant bear hug. She didn’t ask what was wrong, just simply told me that everything would be a little brighter tomorrow. Her name was Lara Quin.

It’s amazing how such a simple act of kindness could really lift someone’s spirits and I’ve never forgotten her. 

So wherever you are in the world Lara Quin, thank you. This one’s for you.”

 Hand poured in a small studio in Lincolnshire, everything about a Lara Quin candle embodies the foundations of care and love upon which the brand was built. Every detail is considered to ensure optimum burning pleasure, from the soy wax to the cotton wicks to the eco friendly bases. It’s also not just essential oils and delectable fragrances that are blended into these beauties, but the essence of gemstones too, which offer healing powers and ‘bring an added sprinkle of love and happiness’.

Lara Quin candles sitting pretty in WSd HQ

So lets take a look at the irresistible scent combinations…

Its no secret that sleep is the key to unlocking the happiest and healthiest version of you. A fixed night time routine will help towards a blissful 40 winks so why not get into the habit of dedicating 20 minutes to phone free downtime before lights out. Whether you turn to a good book or a luxurious bubble bath, smoky quartz is an essential component thanks to its capability to aid insomnia. If your beau turns his nose up at candles then ignite his senses with the Smoky Quartz & Himalayan Cedar version for a woody, masculine fragrance.


Smoky quartz is also admired for its ability to remove negative energy so its no surprise that its been paired with the most timeless of scents. Lara Quin has added a modern spin to the velvety richness of fig by introducing deep coco notes- a combination as tantalising in scent as it is on the taste buds.

Rose quartz, the gemstone of unconditional love and happiness is blended with the floral fresh scent of jasmine orchid.

Lighting a candle is synonymous with inducing relaxation, so when you add a dash of chamomile and lavender into the mix, a state of zen is guaranteed. With the nurturing qualities of moonstone at its core, this is the perfect candle for days when it’s necessary to soothe and calm the mind, body and spirit.

A perfect scent for Spring/Summer, Sonora Sunrise epitomises ‘serenity, love and hope’ and is an invigorating scent combination of eucalyptus and peppermint.  Thanks to the healing properties with which the Sonora Sunset gemstone is synonymous, this is the perfect gift to celebrate new beginnings.

Scents are so strong that they can transport you back to an exact moment or perhaps trigger a memory or emotion.  With notes of damson, nutmeg and mimosa lily all in the Lara Quin collection, these candles are certain to conjure wonderful recollections and stories for many a WSd angel.

Every Lara Quin candle is beautifully packaged in the brand’s signature rose gold and grey gift boxes and with a burn time of 55-60 hours it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

An act of kindness doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture, it’s often the simplest and most random of acts, like a hug and a hot chocolate, that can really change our worlds.

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Rachel x

All images courtesy of Lara Quin

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