Rewind to Thursday 6th September- Sarah, Maz, Sam and I were homeward bound after a wonderful evening listening to the oh so inspirational Alexandra Fullerton. Cradling steaming hot cups of tea and sharing a bag of M&S mini jaffa cakes, we were quite cosy in our foursome train arrangement. Between sips and delicious orange morsels, we swooned over photographs of the beautiful new jewellery line that was WSd bound. That very day, Sarah had welcomed another very special Sarah to HQ, Sarah Verity Parham, Founder of SVP and “Queen of Rings”. Our Sarah was buzzing with excitement and admiration after spending time with the lady boss behind SVP. With belief in the brand, its principles and its breathtaking product, coupled with a confidence that the angel shoppers of WSd would fall head over heels too, Sarah bought a treasure trove. The countdown to delivery day was officially on. Fast forward to a month later-a beautiful collection of rings is sitting pretty in WSd and in this week’s blog we’re sharing the story behind them…

The Lady Boss Behind SVP

According to Sarah (SVP), it was “curiosity” that led her to “a whole new world of glittering gemstones, beautiful people and a land that glistened and shone – India.” Following her trip, Sarah was asked if she would like to design a ring as a thank you to the family that she stayed with but of course things got complicated as she didn’t know their sizes. Her solution? Design a ring to fit any finger. When she got back to the UK, her friends wanted one of her rings too and when none of them knew their sizes, the idea that her product would sell was beginning to take hold. Sarah made a pact with herself that if she could get five retailers without anyone saying no she would quit her job. She quit her job. Whilst it may sound simple, it’s been a “scarlet hard rollercoaster” and Sarah “has spent months and months in India to develop an amazing supply chain”. That supply chain is based in Jaipur, aka the Pink City, named so because of the terracotta “pink” colour of the buildings within its historic centre. Our kinda city! The set up in India is one with sustainability at its core and Sarah has worked ardently to ensure that SVP has the strongest of ethical credentials. She spent time with the UK India Business Council to find ethical jewellers, craftspeople and stone brokers that would all be part of SVP’s transparent supply chain. You only need to watch five minutes of the film Blood Diamond to know that the jewellery industry is, ironically, often a dirty business but brands like SVP are working hard to re-write the story. SVP is “striving for change every day to make the supply chain transparent, fair and good for all” and this was recognised when the brand was awarded the Positive Luxury Mark, which recognises “purpose-driven brands that demonstrate their positive social and environmental impact, helping consumers shop with confidence”.

Sarah & her artisans

A world away from mass production, it takes 19 pairs of hands to make one SVP ring and Sarah could probably name each one of the artisans involved. Crafted from recycled silver or gold and ethically sourced semi-precious gemstones, an SVP ring is more than just a piece of jewellery, it’s a symbol of change within the industry. This, coupled with the fact that every one is adjustable and can be worn on any finger makes them the perfect accessory choice, be it for yourself or a gift this Christmas. The collection in store features an array of wonderful gemstones, each one with its own crystal meaning.

Mix metals & gemstones for a unique combo A charmed life Rose Quartz or Amazonite? Laborite, Red Quartz or Black Agate Moonstone & Lightening causing a storm

Whislt rose quartz is said to “vibrate with an energy of pure love and light” and is the stone of self healing, black quartz “helps to cleanse your aura so you attract only positive vibrations”. Or perhaps the soothing properties of amazonite are what you long for or the self-confidence instilled by citrine. Whatever your stone, each one is all around set in recycled silver or gold and if you can’t choose just one ring then the beauty of them is that they look extra cool stacked high. We simply adore the mix of the Rio rings alongside the Supersonic charm rings These beauties are addictable but affordable too so “SVP jewellery is ready to suit your mood and match your style”.

Stack ’em high! Change your rings with your mood

Gorgeous packaging and a stone description card alongside every ring purchased adds to the SVP story.

Beautiful Packaging Red Quartz or Superstar?

The headache of size issues is now long gone-we can resize your ring for you in store with a handy (excuse the pun!) mandrel that will ensure it’s the perfect size for you without losing its shape.

Versatile, ethical, beautiful. What more could you ask for in a piece of jewellery? More than just a jewellery brand, SVP is a movement and at WSd we’ve got our sparkly hands up in support.

Rachel x

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