Oh February, how welcome you are! Corks are popping all over the land as dry January comes to a very welcome end and pinched purse strings breathe a mega sigh of relief at the prospect of a shorter month ahead. If January was a shade of blue then February is very much rose tinted as we enter the month of love, so much so that we’ve extended our valentine’s day gift guide to include even more starry eye inducing pieces in store…..

Chick flicks have got a lot to answer for when it comes to expectations in the romance department…I mean The Notebook sets the bar pretty bloody high if we’re talking about thoughtful gifts in particular- a hot bearded bloke painstakingly restoring your dream house complete with the actual blue shutters that you longed for?!! Come on! Then of course the 14th February rolls around and those expectations are off the Richter scale. Well at WSd we declare that its time to take the guess work out of the day and treat yourself. Whether you’re single or smitten, this Valentine’s day spread love like you would peanut butter with a gorgeous treat from the official WSd gift guide…

A fresh drop of jewellery from Designs by Lucy has landed in store and comprises a collection of elegant handmade bangles. A minimalist’s dream, these beauties are simplicity at its finest and feature contemporary heart inspired charms. Whether you choose a polished or hammered design with an abstract silver heart or perhaps a simple heart outline, you know that you’ll be wearing something that’s been made with love.

Handmade with love

Follow your heart

Let’s be honest our gals are the true loves of our lives, and if you’re boycotting a traditional Valentine’s day in favour of a carb laden “galentines”  then you’ll need to do so rocking a Colourful Rebel ‘Fries Before Guys’ tee.

Bestie attire

If there’s a gal who knows how to spread love as thick as you would nutella then it’s the oh so wonderful Emily Coxhead. The latest edition of the The Happy Newspaper has just landed in store and its crammed full of wonderful stories that bring a refreshing twist on what we typically know as ‘news’. According to Emily, “Every single day there are people helping others and doing incredible things in all corners of the planet and the majority of them aren’t celebrated, but we think they deserve to be recognised”. From the news that Australia has voted “yes” to same sex marriage, to the fact that the snow leopard is no longer an endangered species, there is tonnes to celebrate in the first edition of 2018, with every positive story beautifully illustrated by Emily. If you know someone who is in need of a little lift, then The Happy Newspaper is guaranteed to bring a smile.

Headlines we can get on board with

Scotch & Soda has already stolen our hearts but when they go and incorporate the universal symbol of love into their designs, the crush only deepens. As one of the most familiar shapes synonymous with love, the heart has to feature in our list. There are so many different theories regarding the origin of the symbol but Scotch & Soda has got things spot on with their Born to Love Campaign which sees a little red heart adorning key pieces. Keep things casual with the Cold Dye Artwork tee or go classic with a long sleeved breton.


Born to Love

A classic at its finest

Perfect for a casual Valentine’s night in

Forget the gushy rhymes that go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, sometimes its the frankest of words that make the most impact. A double wicker from Damselfly emblazoned with the words “I love the shit out of you” will set the mood for an M&S Dine In for Two night.

A gift that keeps on giving

In a techno-obsessed world, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to revitalize the charming ritual of love letters. We’ve got an impressive selection of cards in store that are waiting to be filled with a handwritten declaration. If you want to keep things simple yet heartfelt then Oh Squirrel knows how to do just that.

Image Credit: Oh Squirrel

Image Credit: Oh Squirrel

Oh Squirrel in store

Glitter Galore

Oh Squirrel makes love letters easyRed is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and whilst an all rouge bouquet is beautiful it doesn’t last a lifetime…unlike the Mos Mosh Blake Night blazer of course. Tailored to a crisp yet relaxed fit this is versatility at it’s finest and is a worthy investment that is guaranteed to become your ultimate ‘go to’. Scarlett fever continues in store with the Neon Rose oversized cocoon coat- a statement making yet surprisingly easy to wear must-have. Oh and its in the sale now too which makes it even easier to try out the fiery shade.


Scarlett Bargain

Valentine’s Day is built on a foundation of cheesy puns so show them you ‘whaley’ love them with the Becksöndergaard Raja leather whale key ring…get it?!!

Whaley Cute

The Universe of Us socks are most definitely a gift for one’s self thanks to their statement soles and are on their way into store this week. If you’re after a big smacker then reach for the ‘If you can read this, please give me kisses’ beauties or if you want to bribe your beau into bringing you a glass of fizz then pop on a pair of vibrant red numbers emblazoned with ‘hello sexy’… and remember these socks aren’t just for Valentine’s day, these demands are to be made all year round!

Sole Seduction

Indulge in what your heart desires with the On the Rise ‘Amour’ sweat in the colour of the season… its landing in store this week so keep your eyes peeled. This wardrobe essential takes the slogan sweat to a more demure level thanks to the language of love with the word ‘amour’ delicately embroidered in white. Cosy and chic, this beauty is a gift that will take you way beyond Valentine’s Day and when worn with a smile will spread some much-needed love in the world.

Me and my beau have been house hunting for a while now and I have to admit that ever since we decided to make the move there’s been a new agenda to my gift buying for him…it has to be something I like too, especially when it comes to interior pieces. This Valentine’s he’ll be receiving, I’ll be receiving a fab Gina Potter print. A new addition to What Sarah did… these epic prints capture the profile’s of mega superstars in monochrome and splashes of colour. From Bowie to Hepburn, everyone’s hero is ready for a frame. The luscious lips of Sophia, Audrey and Marilyn are the inspiration behind WSd’s Valentine’s window so if you’re love struck by the sight of it then pop in and give us some sugar!

Pucker Up!





Sometimes its difficult to find the words when it comes to love but Samantha King’s ‘Always’ Heart Print will say them for you, proving that one word has the power to speak a thousand. Get straight to the point with Samantha’s ‘You’re my Favourite Human’ print- a simple yet momentous statement.

Image Credit: Samantha King Designs

Image Credit: Samantha King Designs

So if you want to avoid bumper boxes of chocolates, bouquets and questionable teddy bears, make sure this list of helpful hints lands in the inbox of your significant other. Or why not simply indulge in a little self love?!

Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!


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