The mere mention of the word “anorak” probably conjures horror filled memories of geography field trips to the back of beyond wading through sludge to assess “the changing characteristics of a river”. Well fear not- windbreaker therapy can now commence thanks to the A/W collections that unfolded during New York Fashion Week. From Oscar de la Renta to Calvin Klein, the anorak was a prevailing feature of the catwalk and in this week’s blog we’re turning the runway into reality and showcasing the latest drop from our fave Danish rainwear brand.

We’ve been proud stockists of RAINS for a long time now but in case you’re new to this Scandi brand then there’s an important fact that you need to know…. every single design is 100% waterproof. Simple it may sound but until I had a RAINS jacket in my life I didn’t know what it felt like to actually be dry despite wearing a so-called ‘waterproof’. RAINS don’t even fob you off with claiming to be ‘shower proof’- they really are the real deal when it comes to remaining soggy free. Inspired by both Scandinavian weather and minimalist design heritage, RAINS is “based on an early initiative to interpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way” and oh my do they succeed. The expanding collection offers “a full line of waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories to the fashion conscious consumer” and here are our top picks….

On the most miserable of days the yellow Long Jacket is like a dose of sartorial serotonin. A longer version of the brand’s original ‘urban’ cut, this casual unisex jacket creates a flattering silhouette thanks to its fishtail feature. Synonymous with the functional simplicity of Danish design, this reworked classic features an adjustable hood with a practical cap as well as adjustable cuffs and under arm ventilation. Practicality aside this beauty will add a fun pop of colour to any look but if you’re nervous about the sunshine yellow then the dark teal version will still make a statement in a more understated way.

The trench coat is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe yet this iconic piece of traditional tailoring predominantly focuses on cut rather than practicality thus offering little protection from a downpour. The Rains interpretation of the classic trench gives you the best of both worlds with its waist-defining belt and structured cut, all the while remaining 100% waterproof. The subtle moon shade won’t look out of place on your commute and the fact that this jacket can be folded up and conveniently popped in your bag without the fear of ensuing creasing is another reason to invest. RAINS also offers a new twist on the classic coat with a splash of super saturated scarlet to give you instant street style status.

Teal is set to be 2018’s version of rose gold and the Rush Tote Bag is a must have weekender accessory. Spacious yet compact, this wonder features one main compartment with a practical inside pocket. Gym bag, baby changing bag, beach bag? The possibilities are endless thanks to its waterproof and lightweight credentials.

Offering its own unique versions of the iconic back pack and messenger bags, RAINS gives us traditional styles with a modern twist. Ideal for laptop lugging or days out that require everything but the kitchen sink, these minimalist designs are total game changers.

Whose secretly hoping for rain?!

Rachel x

Picture Credit Throughout: RAINS

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