This season Becksöndergaard has taken a leap from the unmistakable cool of Scandinavian to the heat of the Wild West for a dose of outlaw chic. Here’s a peek at the key pieces that have just landed at WSd HQ…

Add some Mexicana-cool to your look with the Kamelo leather clutch, featuring a super cute abstract cactus print. The spiky succulent has proved to be one of the hottest interiors trends of late and the aura of the desert is most certainly establishing itself in the fashion-sphere too. You can’t say we haven’t done our research because Greenhouse Management Magazine (yep that’s a thing) stated, “consumer demand for succulents is showing no signs of going away”. So not only do we have it on excellent authority but well…this bag is just fab really and will make a strong addition to your holiday wardrobe or to a laid-back weekend look. The botanical print has also bloomed onto the Kamea scarf and unlike its muse this beauty is ultra soft.

The metallic bag is firmly establishing itself as a classic in the accessory world, but it’s the burnished gold of the Oka that has sent our desire rocketing to galactic levels. This leather masterpiece proves that simplicity is key when it comes to design, with a minimalistic fold over closure and adjustable strap for a shoulder or cross body option. Oh and a matching metallic tassel thrown in for good measure.

One of my most vivid memories of our family holidays to Cornwall is the ultra garish ellesse duffel bag type thing we used to fill with all of our beach essentials. I admit it scored highly in the practicality category, but chic it was not. Ironically this 90s throwback has come full circle and would probably fetch a decent figure on eBay-surely the remnants of sand classify as vintage too?! But despite the resurgence of sportswear, god forbid such a bag should be seen on the sands of St Tropez. The colourful woven Lulla is a much more fitting choice for your next vacay, be it beach or city break. The Lulla is also available in a gorgeous clutch with a woven pouch body and decadent gold chain- the epitome of festival chic.

You may think sequins seem a little out of place in an earthy collection such as this, yet the Lono shoulder/clutch bag maintains a bohemian vibe while simultaneously sparkling. In the colour ‘orchid pink’ this bag combines sage green, dusky rose and burnished gold- a colour combination that picks up on the tones of flowering cacti and dessert flowers.

This is just a snippet of what’s in store, but Sarah’s take on the pieces sitting pretty in WSd HQ give an overview that transports you to a far away place…“The latest offering from Becksöndergaard is holiday and festival inspired… think Californian desert, Burning Man festival, fires on the beach and scorching sun beating down on cacti galore”.

These days emojis speak louder than words and we think the cactus will be your most dominant symbol of the season.

What’s on your wish list?

Rachel x

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