If there’s any reason to pop the fizz before midday then it’s certainly today as the leader of our pack and the queen at the helm of WSd is celebrating her birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Our Sarah opened WSd a month after she turned 40 so each birthday for her is also a celebration of the baby she has been nurturing for all those years (you’ll have to work out how long for as I would never give away a lady’s age…!) During that time, Sarah has met a lot of other Sarahs with people travelling far and wide to shop in a boutique of their namesake and have a snap in front of the monochrome facade of What Sarah did…, obviously clutching a WSd bag too!  There’s even a whole folder of ‘Sarah only’ loyalty cards- if you know, you know….! The Hebrew meaning of Sarah is Princess, so there’s a reason behind why every Sarah is so special and with that in mind the matriarch of them all set about curating a collection of products especially for her Saz gang….

We don’t mean to brag but we were totally ahead of the game when it came to reusable bags as WSd has been home to the humble yet movement making canvas tote bag for quite some time now. Of course these are no ordinary tote bags but are rather exclusively named The WSd Tote thanks to the personalised statements emblazoned on the front. Whether you choose from ‘Sarah’s Stuff’ or ‘It’s a Sarah Thing’ our sturdy totes are the perfect option for stashing everything from gym gear to your laptop for moments when a cross body isn’t quite cutting it.

Totes Perfect

If you switch from one bag to another then pouches are a super organised way of making accessory swapping a breeze. A WSd pouch is a fun and easy way to organise your bits and bobs and the canvas material makes it extra hardworking. I’m an avid fan of bag organisation and have multiple categorised pouches from pharmaceuticals to make up to charges. As mad as it sounds a bag full of bags really does curb stressful rifling, plus is there anything worse than crumbs in your headphones?!

If the Spring/Summer 2018 runways were anything to go by then glitter is officially chic when it comes to this season’s make-up and what was once only reserved for festivals has now had its catwalk calling. Its official- glitter has grown up. One thing that hasn’t changed about the sparkly stuff is its optimism inducing capabilities and whether its make-up or accessories, there’s no denying glitter’s power to create a smile. The Oh Squirrel tote bags harness glitter mania with a sparkly ‘Sarah’ printed on the front, whilst the pouches combine the glittery wording with a pom pom too! Ramp up the thoughtful factor when it comes to gifts for your fave Saz and treat her to a piece of special make up presented in one of these beauties, how about a decadent palette from the Sarah Moon for Nars collection? Double brownie points!

Oh Squirrel Glitter Tote Bags

Oh Squirrel Pom Pom Pouches

WSd is proud to support ‘Just a Card’ campaign which aims to encourage people to buy from Designer/Makers and Independent Galleries and Shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses”.  Sarah is a huge advocate and ally of local independent creators and makers and has joyfully collaborated with two mega babes to create bespoke cards that are exclusive to WSd.

Leanne is the ‘Chief Scribbler’ at Letterbox Lane and whilst raising her beautiful baby Bea, is on a mission “to scatter Joy” with her prints and cards and “make people smile, and laugh”. Mission achieved!  The cult classic card in store will always be “It’s a Sarah Thing….” and if you’re in the Saz gang then elevate this card to print status and simply slip into a black frame for instant interiors magic. The larger prints also prove that monochrome simplicity makes the biggest statement.

Home Sweet Home

Send a card instead of a text!If you know, you know…

So celebrate the every day


Samantha King is the beauty behind her namesake design business and whilst raising her gorgeous baby boy Arthur she also creates fab Sarah inspired cards…

Ultimate fave

The only rules of S Club


Baby Arthur, along with Arthur the Bichon, is the official WSd mascot and he’s all over the fresh drop of Club Twenty Nine baby vests that have just landed in HQ. Made from 100% super soft cotton and starting from newborn sizes these are the perfect gift if you’re a brand new Aunty Sarah!

WSd & Club Twenty Nine Babygrows

House of Owls is a new kid on the WSd block and has caused quite a stir with its Sarah offerings. Handmade from black wire, these beauties are inspired by Sarah’s ultimate seal of approval- her sign off- her signature. The perfect finishing touch to any Sarah themed gift, they’re available in small or large and will officially grant you entry into the S club.


If you’re anything like our Sarah then you’re a mega tea fan…I think this is actually something I’ve had a huge part in encouraging as I ply her with the stuff every time I’m in store.  Whether your Sarah loves tea, coffee or hot choccy then a Novello caddy is the ultimate in comfort gifting and when paired with a cute mug makes for a feel good pressie bundle.

Tea or Coffee?

Whether you’re a member of the S club or your ultimate fave is a Sarah, WSd is the one and only hot spot for these Saz goodies because after all… it’s a Sarah thing!

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Rachel x
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