My mum has vowed to give up plastic for Lent- it’s a big commitment but one that is far more beneficial than giving up wine or chocolate…As Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent I want to give her a gift to support her commitment to a plastic free life so I for one will be turning to WSd and the fab selection of conscious gifts in store. Here are our top picks of gifts that every mumma deserves and ones that are kind to mother nature too….

Gender neutral and sustainable children’s wear brand Lovesay and Mo wanted to do something useful with the organic cotton offcuts that were left after making clothes for little ones. The result is these fab double-sided cotton rounds- organic cotton jersey on one side and organic cotton towelling on the other. An eco alternative to wipes they’re super gentle on delicate baby skin and are perfect for removing make up too. Simply pop them in the wash with your regular load, a mesh net washing bag will keep them safe in the drum, and then reuse! Sarah and I can personally recommend these waste minimizes and our top tip is to choose one of the prints as your eye makeup remover pad.

Cotton Round
Gorgeous packaging

The founders of BambuuBrush created their product after witnessing first hand “the damage plastic pollution has caused to the landscape and wildlife of our breathtaking planet”. The mantra of BambuuBrush is “One simple change, multiplied by millions, will change the world” and their hope is that “with 6 billion people brushing their teeth every morning and night with a plastic toothbrush, we have a chance to make a significant impact on plastic production if we work together. Changing a small percentage of our population’s habits and encouraging people to make a small change could, in turn, have a much bigger impact on our future planet”. Every toothbrush is made with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle that can be disposed in compost, whilst the charcoal activated infused bristles are proven to whiten your beautiful teeth. All packaging is made from 100% natural Kraft paper too.


What mum could resist the gift of a little pampering? A Mothering Sunday well spent brings a week of content so treat her to a tub of relaxing bath soak created by Herbalist Jo Farren. Combining “indulgent neroli, sweet orange and soothing lavender”, these pots of wonder “are not only a treat for your aching limbs, but your senses and mood will thank you too”. To encourage ultimate relaxation, treat her to a candle from family run business Torplyktan. An “abiding love for Sweden’s beautiful seasons” inspires each scent from “Midnight Sun” a scent stemming from “the flow of summer rain against the sun-warmed terra firma” to “Light of Early Dawn, an “aroma dancing with the crisp sparkling mornings of autumn and abundant fruit harvests”.  Finish off the ultimate relaxtion gift package with sleep inducing Spacemasks.

Out of thisWorld
Heaven scent

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that mean the most so treat your special mumma to a hot cuppa in bed served in a beautiful Humna Mustafa mug. This hand painted beauty is designed to “bring joy, beauty and happiness” so is the perfect gift to make her smile.

A Cup of Art

Samantha has also been busy creating perfect prints for the matriarch in your life. The floral ‘Mum’ print is like a super pretty badge of honour that she can hang proudly. Or if you know someone who has only recently joined the motherhood gang then the ‘You got this Mama’ print may be just the encouragement they need to realise there’s light at the end of a sleep deprived tunnel.

We have a fab selection of Mother’s Day cards in store too and we’ve just taken delivery of these super cute candle votes from Parkminster, made from 100% pure vegetable wax!

Happy Mother’s Day beauties!

Rachel x

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