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Wonder Women

Well we’re only a couple of weeks in, but 2018 is already living up to predications that it’s ‘the year of the woman’. Last Sunday’s Golden Globes have been dominating the headlines with the women in attendance using the red carpet as a public show of solidarity as...

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SS18 Forecast

January is a very confusing month. On one hand it’s all positive vibes and tempting holiday offers and on the other everyone is either going vegan or dry and it seems like there’s not much fun left to be had. Well as every day of my 2018 has so far been spent with a...

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Peace Out 2017

Welcome to the last What Sarah did… blog of 2017! What a year it’s been, from 12 months of Trump to a Channel 4 Bake-off, there’s certainly been some highs and lows. To end the year with some positive vibes we’re taking a look back at our highlights and looking...

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Tis the Season to Party

The inspiration for this week’s blog was sparked during a midweek trip to London when my location for the evening was N1C, otherwise known as the one and only King’s Cross. I was destined for the oh so hipster Pizza Union for a much anticipated reunion dinner with a...

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The Luxe List

So you've got the stocking sorted, now its time for the main event...we've rounded up our picks of fail safe gifts that are guaranteed to bring a Christmas morning smile! We’re super excited to welcome Damselfly Collection to the WSd mix just in time for Crimbo. The...

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Meet the Maker: Samantha King Designs

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. A bit like Destiny’s Child, Hitchin is the queen of independence and WSd is proud to be part of the gang. In a world of online outlets and...

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The WSd Wishlist

Happy Saturday beauties, or should I say happy-one-month-exactly-until-Christmas-day! Eeeeek! There’s simply no time to waste, so whether you’re making your own wish list or looking for some inspo then check out our roundup of perfect gifts sitting pretty in store…...

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WSd on Tour

If you came along to last Saturday’s birthday bonanza then I’m sure you’ll agree that What Sarah did… knows how to throw a good party. Well we carried on doing what we do best and hotfooted it to London the very next day to continue the celebrations at Stylist Live....

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The number of wonders of the world, the number of spots on a ladybird, the number of chakras in the body, the number of colours in a rainbow…the number of years since What Sarah did was declared open for business. Yep that’s right it’s all about the number seven and...

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Wrap It Up

I had a rather grown up job to do this week that required me to pop into the motoring mecca that is also known as Halfords. Whilst waiting in a queue to pay for engine oil (wild- I know) I overheard a man telling his wife that he “could do with some new winter...

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Get Your Coat

Ok so we’ve kind of being putting off this blog post. For the last couple of week’s I’ve been asking Sarah if ‘it’s time’ but we’ve been finding other hot topics to fill our weekly slot in cyberspace. Well this is the week that we finally write our admission...its...

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Daytime Sequins

Thanks to their dance floor association, sequins are often categorised as ‘evening only’ but they can look totally chic any time of day when teamed with lower key pieces.  At WSd we’re breaking the rules and abolishing the sequin watershed. It’s time to break out the...

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Strictly Fever

Autumn has well and truly established itself now with crunchy leaves, perfect pumpkins, sequins and spray tans…yep that’s right Strictly is now synonymous with the season and its shaking and shimmying its way onto the high street too. Here’s our pick of Paso Doble...

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Good Vibes Only

The arrival of autumn seems to bring with it all manner of excitement, with Instagram feeds turning into a continuum of crunchy leaves, conkers and pumpkins. Yet for all her wonder and beauty, Mother Nature can also be a cruel mistress and the autumnal chill, dark...

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Scarlett Fever

This year’s New York fashion week got me thinking about my role as a ‘blogger’… should I have downloaded the official app? Was I failing as a fasionista for not live streaming the shows? I mean I’m not gonna’ lie, my idea of the FROW is getting a good spot on the sofa...

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Roman Holiday

When you think of Italy, you think of the Colosseum, delicious ice cream, and of course Sophia Loren. One of the most adored screen goddesses of all time, Loren is a beauty icon and master of style… she’s also a girl after my own heart thanks to her view that...

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Sweats n Skirts

Power dressing has made a return, primarily thanks to Queen Bee, but this time around it’s not about looking like a 1980s throwback in suffocating shirt collars, shoulder pads or dresses that call for the crease police. The reincarnation of this physical expression of...

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Back to School

A post by Fearne Cotton recently made me pause my Instragram perusing...a rather interesting looking cake that was captioned “What to do on day 70-something of the school holidays? Make a Cyclops squid cake”...It got me thinking that whatever your career may be there...

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Snap Happy

Cast your mind back to 11th November 2016...I mean it’s often hard to pinpoint what you were doing on a specific night 9 months ago (unless you’re about to have a baby...!) but it’s hard to forget the epic 6th birthday party of What Sarah did... On a chilly Friday...

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“Born in Italy. Made in England. Adorned Worldwide”. That’s the motto of jewellery brand Black and Sigi and What Sarah did…is proud to be part of that worldwide club, bringing contemporary handmade jewellery to Hitchin. Founded by sisters Clio and Athena, this brand...

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Sunshine Calling

We’re not even going to talk about the recent atrocious weather in this week’s blog. I mean I could have written an entire feature on the Rains jackets in store (you all really do need to get one, you won’t regret it) but instead we’re putting a middle finger up to...

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Blazer Squad

The blazer- a sartorial staple with the same wardrobe worthiness as the likes of the classic Breton and the white shirt. But we all know that creating a capsule and workable wardrobe is no mean feat and finding those perfect investment pieces takes time. Well of...

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