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Tee Total

A week on and we’re still recovering from the emotional roller coaster that was the Royal Wedding. It remains the hot topic of the moment yet there are still so many burning questions-was their first dance Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody, did they really...

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A Right Royal Knees Up

The countdown is officially on until the big day when “Cool Britannia” will once again come into its own with union jack bunting and street parties galore. With just one week to go until our Meghan and Harry tie the knot, royal wedding mania is officially in full...

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Bank Holi-Yay

Bank Holiday Weekend- everyone’s favourite three words. Whatever you’ve got planned, we’ve got the looks to match so get inspired with our selection of off-duty staples that will see you through the blissfully long weekend… The latest drop from Just Female has landed...

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Hope & Ivy

The fizz has been in full flow throughout April as this month my mum and dad celebrated their pearl wedding anniversary. So many memories have been made in those thirty years and even though they can’t remember my first word…there’s one thing they’ll never forget from...

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Primary Palette

Way back when in an iPad free world, a pack of Crayola crayons and a piece of paper were the lifeline of every parent. All hail the restaurants that provided these tools of distraction at the very moment of teetering hunger induced meltdowns or the colourful discovery...

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More Mosh than you can handle

The age old saying “April showers bring May flowers” may attempt to put a positive spin on the sogginess of the month but until I see evidence of those longed for blooms my main worry is the rain splashes on my St Tropez... However, by some miracle, this week that...

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Sartorial Serotonin

Big bird paved the way back in the 90s and Queen B showed us how it’s done in her infamous Lemonade video…cryptic crossword clue I hear you ask?! Nope, we’re talking yellow in our Easter weekend blog- this season’s colour du jour thanks to the SS18 runways and of...

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This One’s for you Lara Quin

In the classic Hollywood film It's a Wonderful Life an angel is sent from heaven to show the desperately frustrated Gorge Bailey what life would have been like if he had never existed. Thanks to Clarence the angel, George starts to realise how many lives he has...

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Channel your Inner Frida

At WSd every day is about empowering women, but Thursday was dedicated to celebrating the female force thanks to International Women’s Day. Although social media can often be a negative and somewhat scary space, this week its proved its worth thanks to the...

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Ain’t no hood like motherhood

One of the best pieces of advice my Nan has ever given me is to “always make sure you look after your hair, teeth and high heels”. Thanks to braces and a newfound love of Moroccan Oil I’m two thirds of the way there, but still holding out for the Manolo’s. Another...

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Spring may be on its way but for this week’s blog I’m casting my mind back to Saturday 23rd December 2017. Sarah, Maryanne and I were full of all the festive feels as we worked away in WSd HQ serving angels of the land as well as a lot of panicked men. As closing time...

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Return of the Mac

The mere mention of the word “anorak” probably conjures horror filled memories of geography field trips to the back of beyond wading through sludge to assess “the changing characteristics of a river”. Well fear not- windbreaker therapy can now commence thanks to the...

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Blush Crush

February is predominantly a code red situation. We barely whispered ‘Happy New Year’ when heart shaped lollipops and red roses began making an appearance and it’s been a heavy dose of scarlet fever ever since. At WSd we’re big fans of the crimson hue, I mean did you...

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Self Love Gift Guide

Oh February, how welcome you are! Corks are popping all over the land as dry January comes to a very welcome end and pinched purse strings breathe a mega sigh of relief at the prospect of a shorter month ahead. If January was a shade of blue then February is very much...

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Denim Daze

In 1969 a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young”. The age-old fabric is one of the few in the fashion sphere that has established its own history… when books have been written and...

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Wonder Women

Well we’re only a couple of weeks in, but 2018 is already living up to predications that it’s ‘the year of the woman’. Last Sunday’s Golden Globes have been dominating the headlines with the women in attendance using the red carpet as a public show of solidarity as...

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SS18 Forecast

January is a very confusing month. On one hand it’s all positive vibes and tempting holiday offers and on the other everyone is either going vegan or dry and it seems like there’s not much fun left to be had. Well as every day of my 2018 has so far been spent with a...

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Peace Out 2017

Welcome to the last What Sarah did… blog of 2017! What a year it’s been, from 12 months of Trump to a Channel 4 Bake-off, there’s certainly been some highs and lows. To end the year with some positive vibes we’re taking a look back at our highlights and looking...

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Tis the Season to Party

The inspiration for this week’s blog was sparked during a midweek trip to London when my location for the evening was N1C, otherwise known as the one and only King’s Cross. I was destined for the oh so hipster Pizza Union for a much anticipated reunion dinner with a...

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The Luxe List

So you've got the stocking sorted, now its time for the main event...we've rounded up our picks of fail safe gifts that are guaranteed to bring a Christmas morning smile! We’re super excited to welcome Damselfly Collection to the WSd mix just in time for Crimbo. The...

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Meet the Maker: Samantha King Designs

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. A bit like Destiny’s Child, Hitchin is the queen of independence and WSd is proud to be part of the gang. In a world of online outlets and...

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The WSd Wishlist

Happy Saturday beauties, or should I say happy-one-month-exactly-until-Christmas-day! Eeeeek! There’s simply no time to waste, so whether you’re making your own wish list or looking for some inspo then check out our roundup of perfect gifts sitting pretty in store…...

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