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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Trends come and go but there are certain things that never go out of style and leopard print is one of them. New York Fashion Week proved that it’s the print of AW18 with Victoria Beckham showcasing its worth when it comes to the trench coat and Tom Ford proving its...

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Casa Sweet Casa

Last Christmas Sarah bought me a beautiful teapot from Anthropologie for the abode that my beau and I were on the hunt for. Nearly a year later and that Duet Tea for Two set has finally come out of storage and is set to be perfectly poised on a shelf in our new home...

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Meet the Stockist

Things just got blustery, which can only mean one thing, autumn is officially on its way. To be honest I couldn’t be happier at the prospect of cosy evenings featuring a pair of Emu Australia slippers and a flickering Laura Quin Quartz Orange & Nutmeg candle-...

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It’s a Sarah Thing

If there’s any reason to pop the fizz before midday then it’s certainly today as the leader of our pack and the queen at the helm of WSd is celebrating her birthday! Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Our Sarah opened WSd a month after she turned 40 so each birthday for...

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An evening with Alexandra Fullerton

Is there anything more fabulous than work colleagues who are also wonderful friends?! Well on Thursday evening the WSd angels downed tools, as well as babies, for an evening of uninterrupted fun in the big smoke. I mean we love any excuse for a night out but this...

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Buy Less Wear More-The Interview

The world really is a conflicting place at times; in one moment we’re all banishing single use plastics and in the next we’re buying a one hit wonder dress for a night on the tiles only for it never to be worn again. Confusing huh? Amid the chaos of consumerism, we...

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Mos Mosh Foundations

I met up with a cherished uni friend last night and as we don’t get to see each other very often we decided to treat ourselves to a posh dinner at The Ivy City Garden. We had a fab evening filled with howling laughter as we recalled stand out moments (some probably...

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Pack Like a Pro

Holidays are meant to be relaxing but let’s be honest until you’re in that departure lounge with a glass of fizz in hand its far from a tranquil experience. One of the biggest panics has to be the moment your suitcase goes on the weighing scales and you begin to...

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Throw On & Go

Ok so I really don’t want to keep going on about but it’s scorchio out there and the only outfit that seems remotely appealing is a bikini or well, let’s be honest...your birthday suit. As much as we wished this was socially acceptable, clothes really are a must and...

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Air & Grace

As much as we all hate to admit it, we’re a bit hot and bothered. The current weather is beautiful but how on earth are you meant to get anything done?! I resorted to ironing in the garden the other day and have taken to allowing my hair to dry naturally which is...

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Summer Holiday Survival Kit

I recently found myself Googling “things to do during the summer holidays with children’, as my beau and I have promised our niece some aunty and uncle fun. In my quest for inspiration I  came across a GQ feature written by Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum, in which...

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Spotted in Seville

We may be mid heat wave but this week’s blog starts with a flash back to the coldest depths of January- the 9th to be precise and the day I turned a quarter of a century. Optimistic for a balmy summer I had suggested that a new pair of sunglasses would be a welcomed...

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Heatwave Chic

How many conversations about the weather have you engaged in this week?! It really is the topic du jour, probably because we can’t actually believe our luck that we’ve been basking in the good stuff for almost an entire week now. Well ‘basking’ isn’t necessarily true...

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Bang For Your Buck

The secret is officially out and the euphoric words are making waves across Hitchin and beyond…the What Sarah did sale has started! As with anything, there is an art to sale shopping and approaching it in the right way will ensure you get the most out of your money...

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White Wash

Is there anything better than the sight of a freshly bathed baby in a white velour babygrow?! Totally dreamy. Whilst we’re not turning to bambinos for our fashion inspo we’re loving the optimism that the colour offers and in this week's blog we're going back to basics...

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Flower Power

If you’re an avid WSd  Instagram story watcher then you’ll have noticed that interspersed between snaps of carefully curated flat lays, beautiful newness and triumphant boomerangs are snippets that give an insight into the life of the buyer, the stylist and the leader...

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Candy Crush

My mum has the willpower of an ox but her one and only vice is Italian ice cream- she’s even been known to defiantly enjoy a scoop of the good stuff in Borough Market as snow fell around her. When on holiday in Italy it was imperative that we had two ice creams a day-...

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Tee Total

A week on and we’re still recovering from the emotional roller coaster that was the Royal Wedding. It remains the hot topic of the moment yet there are still so many burning questions-was their first dance Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody, did they really...

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A Right Royal Knees Up

The countdown is officially on until the big day when “Cool Britannia” will once again come into its own with union jack bunting and street parties galore. With just one week to go until our Meghan and Harry tie the knot, royal wedding mania is officially in full...

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Bank Holi-Yay

Bank Holiday Weekend- everyone’s favourite three words. Whatever you’ve got planned, we’ve got the looks to match so get inspired with our selection of off-duty staples that will see you through the blissfully long weekend… The latest drop from Just Female has landed...

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Hope & Ivy

The fizz has been in full flow throughout April as this month my mum and dad celebrated their pearl wedding anniversary. So many memories have been made in those thirty years and even though they can’t remember my first word…there’s one thing they’ll never forget from...

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Primary Palette

Way back when in an iPad free world, a pack of Crayola crayons and a piece of paper were the lifeline of every parent. All hail the restaurants that provided these tools of distraction at the very moment of teetering hunger induced meltdowns or the colourful discovery...

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