As much as we all hate to admit it, we’re a bit hot and bothered. The current weather is beautiful but how on earth are you meant to get anything done?! I resorted to ironing in the garden the other day and have taken to allowing my hair to dry naturally which is resulting in a Monica in Hawaii situation. Do not get me wrong, the warm evenings enjoying delicious salads in the garden are an absolute dream and if there’s any time to jump on board with the frosé trend its now… but let’s be honest we’re ready for the return of the oh so faithful British cloud to offer some relief. The grass is parched and so are our pedicures- it’s time for the trainer. Let us introduce you to Air & Grace, the latest ultra cool kid on the WSd block and one that has completely stolen our hearts.  London based designer Claire Burrows is at the helm and was motivated to create her epic brand because of an age old problem that all women suffer or rather put ourselves through… “Great shoes make us feel amazing. But in common with most women I know, I’ve found the shoes I love haven’t always loved me back. My wardrobe is full of beautiful shoes I hardly ever wear. Sound familiar?” Well Claire chose to actually do something about the pain and turned her search for shoes that feel as good as they look into a business. (“Bugger-why didn’t I think of that?!” I hear you all ask.). The result is Air & Grace and in this week’s blog we’re giving you the low down on the collection sitting oh so pretty in store. Oh and we apologise in advance because you will want every single one of these beauties in your life- oops….

A choice of four different prints await you in store but one thing all of them share is the Tender Loving Air® comfort technology which is unique and patented to Air & Grace. According to Claire, “It’s created from three different layers of luxurious memory and recovery foam cushioning, shaped into a wedge, cleverly hidden inside the shoe”. So what does this mean?! Well with a pair of Air & Grace, you have all the high performing benefits of a technical trainer but the beauty of a fashion shoe. What’s not to love?!

Image Credit: Air & Grace


French for ‘vintage’, this style is available in timeless star print leather or classic white leather and as the namesake suggests each pair has a distressed finish as part of the character of the style. This ‘perfectly imperfect vintage finish’ is achieved by hand in Portugal where each pair of cloud like beauties is crafted using premium leather and suede.

Vintage White Leather

CRU Star


Named after Copeland Park, a diverse community hub that serves the cultural heart of Peckham, this style offers us leopard and glitter at its very best. A more generous fit than the CRU, the Copeland is a slightly wider and weightier style that will guarantee the only reason you’ll be aware of a busy day spent running around will be the feeling of pride at a completed to-do list. No achy feet here gals. The Copeland Leopard in all its calf hair glory has been a major hit so far, whilst the Copeland Navy Glitter has been a fave of Sarah’s before WSd was even a stockist of Air & Grace! Sarah’s personal Air & Grace collection continues to grow and she is a huge devotee to the the Tender Loving Air® technology, so much so that when the WSd gals headed to Stylist and popped over to the Air & Grace stand, she indulged in a pair and changed into them there and then. Safe to say she managed to get to the gin bar in those beauties quicker than Maz and I could!

Copeland Leopard

Copeland Navy Glitter

Loving what you see? Head to WSd HQ to find your your ‘perfect sole mate’.

Rachel x

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