One of the best pieces of advice my Nan has ever given me is to “always make sure you look after your hair, teeth and high heels”. Thanks to braces and a newfound love of Moroccan Oil I’m two thirds of the way there, but still holding out for the Manolo’s. Another life lesson from the wisest woman I know is “Your mother never owes you anything”. I was quite young when she first imparted this pearl of wisdom and at the time I thought well my mum bloody well owes me a tenner but as the years have gone by I’ve come to realise that its me who owes everything to her. The sacrifices that she gladly made out of love, the balancing act between work and home, the mum guilt, fears she never knew existed, strengths she never knew she had, joy interspersed with being driven to wine…! I’m sure many mummas reading that list can relate to a similar job description and whilst it’s a job that drains bank accounts rather than adds to them, the one currency there is an abundance of is love. So this week What Sarah did… is celebrating mummas and everything that motherhood is and if you’ve spotted the current window you’ll see three fabulously dressed mannequins linking arms united in womanhood. Look closer and you’ll see our top picks of gifts that we believe every mumma deserves…

Inspiration Via Pinterest

Prints & cards galore

Raising tiny humans requires good shoes

Trinkets & treasures

Women in arms

We can help you put together the perfect gift bundle- just ask in store

If the last person your mum thinks about is herself then encourage her to indulge in some downtime with a selection of tranquility inducing treats. There can’t be a better excuse to remain horizontal than a pair of Universe of Us socks with their ultra sparkly slogan soles. She’ll have to keep her feet well and truly up if she wants the world to know she has wonder woman credentials or will flirt for fizz! Pair with a Plum & Ashby candle for a dreamily comforting gift bundle. Hand-poured by skilled craftsmen in the South of England, these sumptuous scented travel candles are made from 100% natural wax and cotton wicks. From refreshing citrus and basil to restorative smoked sandalwood, there’s a fragrance for every mood, whilst the black and cream apothecary-style packaging makes one of these glass jars the perfect gift for a discerning interiors queen.

Sole sister

Plum & Ashby deliciousness

When shopping for Mother’s Day gifts there’s no harm in being on the lookout for things that are so irresistible that you just have to share them…! You’ll both have your eyes on a piece of jewellery from Lotus- the newest brand on the WSd block designed and made by our one and only Maryanne. The first collection to hit HQ is a delectable treasure trove of pendants, hoops, tassel earrings and studs all with a unique and ethereal edge. Combined with her own determination and creativity, Maz has shaped Lotus thanks to the encouragement of Sarah and brand artwork by our Samantha King, proving the unstoppable force of a team of amazing mummas. Jewellery made by a loving mum, for loving mums.

The Lotus- a symbol of enlightenment

Unique pieces in store

Ethereal Pendants

Samantha has also been busy creating perfect prints for the matriarch in your life. The floral ‘Mum’ print is like a super pretty badge of honour that she can hang proudly. Or if you know someone who has only recently joined the motherhood gang then the ‘You got this Mama’ print may be just the encouragement they need to realise there’s light at the end of a sleep deprived tunnel.

Last week’s blog shined a spotlight on Haogi, a sumptuous leather bag brand of which What Sarah did… is proud to be an exclusive stockist. Hand cut and hand stitched, every piece of the highest quality leather is handled with love to produce masterpieces of bespoke design. Every Haogi bag is named after an influential female figure so naturally the Erin, Lola or Cece would make the perfect gift for the leading lady in your life.

Local Ashwell resident Alice is the ceramicist (and mumma!) behind Little Shop of Pots. The mantra of this indie brand is simple: “We believe in making small, one off items decorated with life and love” and in our book there’s simply no better gift to give than one made with heaps of the stuff. From beautiful hanging planters, to candle holders to spoon rests, there’s a unique handmade treasure for every mumma.

Plant Hanger

Mini Planter

Cacti Crushin


Cork Topped Candle

Ooooh by the way, to celebrate Mother’s Day we’re offering 20% off all Becksöndergaard, including sale pieces!!! Simply quote “MOTHERHOOD” to get the discount in store.

Happy Mother’s Day beauties!

Rachel x





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